Alliance Management and Implementation Support

This service will save you money in your current and future IT budget

Organizations often assume that commercial “off the shelf” solutions can be easily integrated and will support an organization’s business process right after installation. However sometimes, and in the case of ERPs, most of the time, these technologies cannot meet the specific needs and changing requirements of the particular business. They usually require extensive and subsequently expensive customizations.

While implementing and customizing ERP solutions, clients, as end users, and vendors (or the vendor’s authorized implementation team) have different, but commercially justifiable, objectives.

Even when requesting the proposal, the client should already have a high-level understanding of what needs to be done, what could be done and how all this should be done. At that point you may require an ERP technology expert on your side to define the most efficient method of implementation, the optimal scope of customization and finally to help in assessing proposals.

During implementation you can employ the same expert to oversee the project and ensure that it goes as planned. Upon completion ERPeople’s quality assurance expert will help you to plan and execute the User Acceptance Testing.

Our Alliance Management and Implementation Support services will help you to optimize your system.