Fit and/or Gap Analysis

We will conduct and moderate the analytical process

Prior to implementing the new ERP solution, maintaining, enhancing or upgrading the existing one, it is imperative to provide a comparison of the functionality required between the newly delivered Business Processes and the existing Business Processes. This is exactly the objective of the Fit/Gap Analysis. This sort of analysis validates the “fits” – where the new solution matches the business process, or identifies the “gaps” - where it does not.

The fit/gap analysis sessions, regardless of its methods, requires a team effort of cross functional groups that consist of highly knowledgeable ERP system consultants and functional representatives of the stakeholder.

ERPeople specialists, with their knowledge of the fit/gap methodology and ERP solution functionality are ideally place to become instrumental, valuable members of your analytical team.

We will assist you in building well-structured expert groups and we will help you to choose the proper method for a fit and/or gap analysis.