Data conversion, migration and standardization

This service will increase your data compatibility and accessibility

Some organizations, especially the ones with long business and operational history, keep their documents and data in legacy computer systems, outdated databases and even in hard copies on paper. To integrate this information into new ERP infrastructure is the task that requires professional skills, knowledge and tools.

The goal of data standardization is to enable the sharing or exchange of information between multiple parties in a way that guarantees that the interacting parties share the same understanding of what is represented within that information. As more information is being exchanged in different operating environments, the need for defined data standards is becoming more acute in order to coordinate that information exchange in a way that provides the most benefit to all participants.

Our specialists, depending on the ERP data structure, your requirements and business objectives, will move your data between systems: extract from source, standardize and/or synchronize, clean and load it into the target system. We will retrieve information form different media and multiple sources, convert from one format to another, amalgamate it and make it electronically available.