ERMap - Entity Relationship Mapping 

Main benefits of ERMap are:

  • Allows maintaining compliance of business-specific activities with statutory and regulatory
  • Supports business process activities with standard documentation.
  • Establishes discipline and order of the business process execution.
  • Allows to gather historical information on the process execution and perform its
  • Speeds-up training and knowledge transfer.
  • Supports system audit.
  • Supports an ERP package implementation, upgrade and conversion.

Business process mapping is a technique where a business process or workflow is converted into a visual, step-by-step diagram. It is broadly used to better understand an existing process and to help develop the most effective one.

Available on the market process mapping tools – are normally just instruments that leave all the work, related to the process definition and subsequent mapping for their user.

ERMap is more than just a tool, but a process-relevant application. It integrates technology solution with subject matter expertise on such business processes as Payroll, HR, Benefits, Time and Labor.

ERMap contains predefined on high, medium and even low levels activities, related to specific processes, tasks and steps. These activities to some extend are industry and business agnostic and determined by government standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Where applicable, predefined activities supported by standard forms and templates of the documents to be completed during execution of particular tasks and steps.

ERMap was originally built strictly for business use. But it can definitely be applied to and benefit other activities, specifically the ones based on a firm execution structure and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

As a tool ERMap allows organizations, in addition to predefined ones, building and mapping their business-specific activities. It also makes possible creation of repository for internal documentation, logging process-related issues, communication during the process execution, and conversion of graphic view into text documents.

ERMap is a configurable role-based application that allows associating particular activities, available functionality and levels of access with roles and ultimately with individuals.

ERMap can be easy incorporated into any ERP business package by mapping its processes, tasks and steps to particular modules, screens and fields of the particular ERP solution.

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