Business Process Modeling and Optimization

Helps you to get more value from your IT investments

From a technical point of view, and with a view to successful implementation, an ERP solution, once implemented, may not bring you bring immediate results or even significant results in the future if it is not efficiently integrated with consideration of the human factor that is involved. It’s very common, for example, to see an expensive new system being used at less than 50% of its potential, and co-existing with legacy systems and processes. This obviously leads to even more expenses and work.

Applying a thorough knowledge of your ERP system, our consultants, in cooperation with your business specialists, will analyze the current process, to discover any inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Using a full system scale analysis with process traceability matrixes, they will identify potential opportunities for streamlining and functional improvements such as elimination of process redundancy, minimizing or completely eliminating manual work and proper reporting.

We will improve the efficiency of your ERP system

And all this will be done regardless of age or version of your software with minimal or no interruption of your current process