Process Mapping, Documentation and Training

We will make all the possible efforts to make your ERP system self sufficient and sustainable

Most ERP solutions have very well developed documentation of their own. However after the system is customized and implemented in a particular organization these documents have quite limited use for the business process management.

Proper process documentation is required not only for periodic reviews, audits, financial and operational compliance, but most importantly for the sustainability of the organization. You document your processes to ensure that everyone understands them and know their responsibilities and functions; knows who to contact when there is a problem or when a change is needed. Without clear documentation, a process can quickly fall into disarray simply with the departure of only one key specialist.

No system will deliver the best results nor be completely self-sufficient through thorough documentation alone. Your personnel should be well trained to operate it, especially when it’s just been implemented or even upgraded to a new version. Vendors or their authorized training facilities will offer just the most general information on a solution without the additional details of how it is relevant to your particular business.

Our experienced consultants will analyze the specifics of your organization, prepare process-related documentation, perform business process mapping, and train your personnel based on a combined knowledge of the ERP solution and its concrete application.