Quality Assurance

We will make sure that any implementation, upgrade, customization or enhancement was done in accordance to the industry standards!

Quality Assurance is an extremely important phase of the ERP system implementation, upgrade, customization, enhancement and any kind of development, related to its software. ERP testing is the process of validating and verifying that programming of the product meets the requirements, works as expected, and after implementation or any intervention retains its characteristics. Especially when considering an ERP applications objective, examination of their quality requires not only software QA skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the business process.

The ERPeople QA specialists have this knowledge and will work on your side to comprehensively evaluate your ERP solution. Every development effort made by our personnel or your IT team, regardless of its scope, we treat as a project. Therefore, prior to production deployment it will undergo quality assurance and after deployment we will ensure the proper integration of a new component into the existing system.

On your behalf we can design and perform User Acceptance Testing of the software implemented, customized or upgraded by the third party, provide complete information on their findings and help you to evaluate risks associated with particular defects.

We will save you money and efforts associated with production defects.