The right solution for efficient businesses

IT business solutions and especially ERP systems such as PeopleSoft or SAP are quite pricey to purchase and implement. Implementation phase companies usually farm out to big consulting firms, which make sense as the latter have the experience and the resources to handle projects of such magnitude.

When it comes to use, support and maintenance, just a few organizations can afford to have their own fully staffed, permanent ERP support team. By and large it is just economically impractical for smaller operations to employ such a team. Services of vendors or big consulting firms are extremely expensive, way above the hourly rates of their consultants.

ERPeople is here to provide cost-effective services and solutions directly to our clients, to help you get the most return out of your ERP investments, and to get the most from the systems you already have regardless of their age or version.

As the cost of running a business constantly rises, ERPeople understands that saving every dollar of your company’s IT budget is vital to your success.